The Beginning of the End?

12 Feb

Doomsday has come and gone and so far its just been more of the same, but after hearing news of the Pope’s resignation I can’t help but wonder (with excitement)  Is this the beginning of the end of Christianity as we know it?

I’m certainly no Catholic, in fact I’m no anything (translation: atheist), so I don’t know…Has contemporary Catholicism evolved enough to accept the “No worries, I’m good with God and we both agree that I can no longer do the job” excuse for breaking a 600 year old tradition?

As I recall Catholicism is fond of clinging to outdated, often harmful and sometimes abusive rituals in the name of faith and at the expense of its followers.  I’ve also heard that if you confess and repent your sins are forgiven, which I assume includes any traditions you desecrate,  or at least that’s what my drunk Catholic friends tell me.

I’m sure the former Pope Benedict XVI, henceforth known as Joe, is pretty confident in his personal relationship with God and has worked out some  kind of deal before making his announcement. Or maybe he is giving up on his faith in his ability to lead. Or perhaps he is no longer a believer and making a political statement. Or just maybe he just wants to enjoy the last moments of his life left here on Earth.

I don’t really care that Joe resigned…or quit…or stepped down…or however you want to put it. I just feel bad for the guy, because after all he is just…a guy…with health problems…who doesn’t feel like he has the strength to do the job…and wants to live out his last days in peace…not in servitude to the Catholic Church…well maybe not that last part, but for God’s sake the man is 85 years old. Let ’em do whatever the Hell he wants.

But really, is it okay to trust your instincts over faith? Trust yourself over tradition?

The Catholic Church and all of Christianity could take a few cues from Joe and learn to stop worrying about what they think other people’s relationships with God should be like and start paying attention to their own.  It also seems like a prime opportunity for the Catholic Church to examine and update their stance on a number of outdated rituals and traditions that no longer apply, including their wardrobe.

Although I doubt the Pope’s resignation will make any big changes to the Catholic Church, I am always excited to see how irrelevant religious traditions can be broken by logically making decisions based on personal abilities rather than outdated rituals that fulfill expectations of the group. Like Doomsday, we know that change doesn’t happen overnight, but we can still recognize the first steps to a more free-thinking world (aka the Apocalypse).


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