What’s in a User Name?

19 Nov

In a world where everyone has a clever username, creating a web persona that truly captures your identity is no easy task. Just when you think you  have finally decided on the perfect name, you find out it has long been taken. Instead of giving up though, you try every alternative spelling you can think of until your username contains more numbers or symbols than actual letters. After finally deciding to give up on my original choice and grudgingly deciding to try something else, you can imagine my surprise when Ms. Anarchist was still available almost everywhere but YouTube. At least for now.  Luckily we have sites like NameChk that allow you to check username availability across popular social networking sites so that you don’t join one site only to find out your name is taken everywhere else. The last thing I want to do now is think of another username especially since Ms. Anarchist suites me so well. Check out my Twitter @MsAnarchist for all things anarchy.


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